Paris: Siabatou Sanneh raised awareness for access to drinking water in Africa.

From Bullenghat, a village in Gambia Siabatou Sanneh, in her forties, took this morning the departure from Paris marathon, walking, a can of water on the head. Her goal: to raise awareness of the problems of kilometers that many Africans have to travel to access water. wearing simple sandals and traditional dress, the walker focused her message on placards: “In ...

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Kenya: al-Shabaab kills 147 Christians students

al-Shabaab singled out Christians students for the killing, sparing the life if muslims. At least 147 people, mostly students, have been killed in an assault by al-Shabaab militants on a university in Garissa, north-eastern Kenya, 150 km from Somalia. al-Shabaab heavily armed attackers stormed Garissa University early on Thursday, killing two security guards then firing indiscriminately and randomly on students. ...

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Nigeria: Why Goodluck lost to retired Gen, Muhammadu Buhari

Former military ruler Muhammadu Buhari has become the first opposition candidate to win presidential elections in Nigeria. It is alleged Gen Buhari’s opponent, incumbent Goodluck Jonathan, had admitted defeat and congratulated him. Mr Jonathan trailed Gen Buhari by about two million votes yesterday and the margin deepened when he conceded. Observers have generally praised the election but there have been ...

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Nigeria and Ivory Coast agree to be partner on Tourism Development

Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC) and Ivory Coast embassy in Nigeria have signed a partnership on the economic development of the tourism industry as a major revenue earner in the two countries. The areas of partnership includes Model Fashion Parade, Opening of UNIWAX Boutiques in the Nigerian biggest Cities Lagos and Abuja, Invitation for Tourism fair, Organization of pilgrimage in Côte ...

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Voluntary repatriation of Cote d’Ivoire refugees from Liberia to resume

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) will resume voluntary repatriation of Cote d’Ivoire refugees from Liberia after the program was suspended in July last year due to Ebola outbreak in Liberia. “UNHCR and the Cote d’Ivoire as well as Liberian governments have agreed on the lifting of this suspension,” UNHCR resident representative in Cote d’Ivoire Mohamed Toure said ...

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Musa Muhammed: Ivorians­ begged me to miss penalty

A report on read the flying Eagles skipper, Musa Muhammed said Cote d’Ivoire players begged him to throw away his second-half penalty in Saturday’s final AYC Group A match in Mbour. The penalty goal, the third by the right fullback at Senegal 2015, drew the Flying Eagles level at 2-2 and eventually eliminated the Ivorians from the tour­nament. “The ...

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