Pastor Joshua: I Told Jonathan He Would Lose, Just Like I Did With Laurent Gbagbo

True or false Le Vrai Patriote think it is important to always bring you whatever is being said around the world that has a link with Ivory Coast. This report is delivered just as we got it for your information.  Le Vrai Patriote is not responsible for contents from external websites. 

The renowned Nigerian pastor T.B. Joshua has alleged, he predicted the victory for General Muhammadu Buhari in the March 28, presidential election.

The Synagogue Church of All Nations of Pastor T.B. Joshua
The Synagogue Church of All Nations of Pastor T.B. Joshua

The controversial cleric of the Synagogue Church of All Nations on Sunday, April 5, said he told the outgoing Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan, that he would lose ​last week’s presidential election.

TB Joshua said he sent his message to the president several weeks before the election.

“I want to use this moment to congratulate Nigerians in our midst here,”  Joshua began in a message to his multi-national congregation, televised live via his Christian network Emmanuel TV.

Referring to his prediction a week to the election that the dark cloud he saw covering Nigeria was lifting, he said that a bloody ‘war’ would have ensued if not for the prompt concession of power by President Jonathan.

“Look, Nigeria wanted change – everyone was yearning for change. An attempt to stop change leads to war, to a bloodbath… If Nigeria knows what we have overcome, we would dance​,​”​  Joshua said.​

The cleric praised President Jonathan’s tenure insisting that he had served his nation well despite the immense security challenges.

“I really want to salute President Jonathan. The President has served; he has done his best. It was just the season of crisis – and unfortunately he found himself at the lead in the season of crisis​,​”​ he said.​

He said ‘God’ spoke to him with a message for the president several weeks before the general elections.

In his words: “This message should be delivered to your president, that whatever the outcome of this

Prophet T.B. Joshua
Prophet T.B. Joshua

election, his regime has come to an end. He should accept to save the lives of millions,” he told the congregation.

Joshua claimed he called President Jonathan by phone, adding that he had previously shared with him many revelations about Nigeria which eventually came to pass.

Insisting the seriousness of the revelation was such that it had to be relayed personally so as not to affect votes, Joshua said President Jonathan promptly sent a close aide to meet him.

After the presidential aide had worshipped at his church during a Sunday service, TB Joshua said he met him and relayed the revelation that Jonathan’s regime had come to an end. “Soft landing – that is the language I sent to the president,” he told attendees.

The cleric, however, described President Jonathan as a man who ‘has a heart for God’, revealing that he even spoke with the Nigerian president shortly before his historic concession call to the president-elect, Buhari.

“I said to him, ‘Your Excellency – all you need to say is thank You, Jesus, even when it seems there is nothing to be thankful for. He said, ‘Thank you, man of God’. Before I knew it, I saw the news on CNN that he had congratulated his opponent ​,​”​  Joshua said.​

He prayed that people from the ‘South-South’ region in Nigeria where President Jonathan hails from would understand that ‘their son has become a hero’, adding that his actions prove the region is after a united Nigeria.

Joshua reminded his congregation that he had given a similar message in 2010 to Laurent Gbagbo, the former president of Ivory Coast.

“In a vision, I saw crisis – thousands of people being killed in Ivory Coast – just because of the outcome of the election,” he said.

After sending the message across to the then Ivorian leader, a delegation of government figures and presidential aides was dispatched to Nigeria.

“I told them that whatever the outcome of the election – whether the popular or unpopular voice of people – our President should concede. His regime has come to an end,” Joshua reminisced.

According to the cleric, Gbagbo had personally called him regarding the prediction, looking for an avenue to avert it and inviting him to Ivory Coast. Joshua insisted that nothing more could be done.

When Gbagbo refused to concede power to Alassane Ouattara in the controversial 2010 elections, a bloody onslaught ensued leading to the deaths of thousands and his eventual incarceration and public disgrace.

Joshua also told his faithful how he had personally warned MKO Abiola that God was not backing his presidency in the ill-fated Nigerian elections of 1993 despite overwhelming public support in his favour.

He further recalled how, as a young man, he met the former governor of Lagos state, Lateef Jakande, and told him that his beloved daughter was close to the grave. Both revelations came to pass, he said.

The cleric added that his prophetic ministry is the reason he does not take sides in politics.

“That is why I don’t belong to any party. All the parties are my own. I love everyone. If I belong to this party and the message of God is now against that party, how will I present it – when no one knows the mind of God? It is better I am free to deliver God’s message.”

He said that material gain was not his mission and that no exchange of money can be involved when it comes to spiritual matters such as prophecy.

“I am a material to be used that will not cost you any money. I am afraid to collect money from you because if I collect it, it will affect the gift and grace of God in my life.”

Meanwhile, Joshua, who was recently named the ‘Yoruba man of the decade’,prayed for the new government to be led by the All Progressives Congress.

“Join me to pray for the new government, headed by President-Elect Buhari. Ask God to give our President a hearing heart – a heart that will listen to what the public is saying and want to know God’s opinion,” he said.

Elsewhere, Le Vrai Patriote can inform you that with all the allegation of pastor T.B. Joshua being the messenger of

The Collapsed Synagogue Church of All Nations
The Collapsed Synagogue Church of All Nations, The controversial Pastor T.B. Joshua blame the collapse on sabotage.

God. The ‘Man of God’ who sees things before they happen on earth, the man who receive messages of tragedies from God, He failed to know and see the collapse of his own church, the Synagogue Church of All Nations killing over 115 people with score trapped people on 12 September 2014.

Instead, Prophet T.B. Joshua, the General Overseer of the church, called “Man of God” by his followers across the world, has blamed the collapse on sabotage.

The then president of Nigeria, Jonathan Goodluck visited the site of the collapsed guesthouse under construction at the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) Headquarters in Lagos, promising to investigate the cause of the tragedy.

They are various claims that hundreds of his ealing videos released on his Emmanuel TV are in fact edited to deliberately and shamelessly deceive their followers.

The church of prophet TB Joshua mass production of bottles of “anointed” water is unbiblical. By labeling those bottles “for the salvation of your soul” or more recently “The blood of Jesus” He is deliberately fulling people who expect miracle.  This useless packet of water does not save anyone, and is certainly not “The blood of Jesus”.  We all know that in fact any such claim is not only incorrect, it is no where mentioned in the. How can anointed and miraculous water be industrially mass produced in Nigeria.

Pastor TB Joshua, know that his followers are calling him the “Messiah” and Jesus. He ear it everyday on his TV channel but does nothing to challenge the false statement or correct his followers.

The fact that He is aware that this type of false allegations are broadcasted every day on his channel tell you that the man will stop at nothing at claiming he has a power that link him directly to God. So for him saying he knew from God the outcome of the presidential election in Nigeria in 2015 and In the Ivory coast in 2010 should not be taken seriously.









True or false Le Vrai Patriote think it is important to always bring you whatever is being said around the world that has a link with Ivory Coast. This report is delivered just as we got it for your information.  Le Vrai Patriote is not responsible for contents from external…

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